Definition of haplochromine in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting cichlid fishes of a large and diverse group that are particularly abundant in the large lakes of East Africa.

    • ‘Empirical support comes through taxa whose impressive diversifications have been attributed at least in part to sexual selection, including haplochromine cichlids, birds of paradise, and Laupala crickets of Hawaii.’
    • ‘To test this prediction, we conducted an interspecific female mate choice experiment on four closely related haplochromine cichlid species from Lake Malawi.’
    • ‘Some haplochromine cichlids of Lake Tanganyika (Tropheini, Haplochromini) are the sister group to the species flocks of Lakes Malawi and Victoria.’
    • ‘Frans Witte and Kees Barel document the mass extinction of haplochromine cichlids in Lake Victoria, Africa.’
    • ‘Our survey of mtDNA control region sequences in lacustrine and fluviatile haplochromine cichlids of the Lake Victoria basin revealed the existence of seven major haplogroups, designated I through VII.’


  • A haplochromine fish.

    Haplochromis and related genera, family Cichlidae

    • ‘Fish in the genus Rastrineobola are very common in the diet in terms of occurrence, and are second to haplochromines.’
    • ‘The adults of both species have an average standard body length of 55 mm and hence belong to the category of small haplochromines.’
    • ‘The DNA sequences available for Lake Victoria haplochromines include 56 specimens of 24 described plus 9 undescribed species.’


From the modern Latin genus name.