Definition of haphazardness in US English:



  • See haphazard

    • ‘Ultimately it was this haphazardness, a seemingly carefree approach to cutting-edge climbs, along with his formidable intellect and wit, which forged the Smith legend.’
    • ‘Indeed, it was precisely this contingency - the haphazardness of facts - that made them a boring subject for the ancients.’
    • ‘It is obviously a matter for concern for you and your colleagues, but let me ask: the haphazardness and the inconsistent application, has it got any proportionate implications?’
    • ‘I took a look around at the poets, the grand scrufflarians I have taken such a liking to, and pondered the haphazardness of them all, the delightful observations I have absorbed by watching them.’
    • ‘I am perturbed - nobody ever talks to us about these considerations as lawyers, whereas sociologists for example spend much of their undergraduate lives being familiarised with research methodology and warned against haphazardness.’