Definition of hanging wall in US English:

hanging wall


  • The block of rock that lies above an inclined fault or an ore body.

    Compare with footwall
    • ‘As for the mesoscale normal faults inside the ICruibeke Fault Zone, they cannot be considered as classical brittle planar normal fault planes downwarping a hanging wall relative to a footwall along a single discrete plane.’
    • ‘In the Alpine foothills of Provence, Cretaceous syn-rift rocks deposited in the hanging walls of normal growth faults are typically ten times thicker than the equivalent footwall successions.’
    • ‘The faults have a systematic geometric relationship with folds, with anticlines in the mutual hanging walls of fault pairs and broader footwall synclines that define the shallow dish forms of the polygons.’
    • ‘Although normal faulting is the dominant deformation style within the study area, folding of pre-rift and syn-rift strata in the footwall and hanging wall of the fault zone is common.’
    • ‘These throw gradients require footwall / hanging wall stratigraphic thickness ratios of up to c.3.3 within mudstones immediately above the Cadna-owie horizon, the origins of which are considered in a later section.’