Definition of hanging indent in US English:

hanging indent


  • Indentation of a paragraph in which all lines except the first are indented.

    • ‘It is easier to look for a particular reference in a list of hanging paragraphs than in a list of ordinary paragraphs.’
    • ‘This method obviously fails if no break occurs in subsequent lines, but it works for the common, idiomatic use of hanging paragraphs in manual pages.’
    • ‘Do the words of the hanging paragraph effect this type of change?’
    • ‘Our normal résumé style is to use block paragraphs at the beginning of a job description, indented paragraphs within job descriptions, and hanging paragraphs for publications.’
    • ‘This made it very easy to create very nice bullet lists, and the user never had to worry about ‘negative indents’ and hanging paragraphs and stuff like that.’