Definition of hang tough in US English:

hang tough


North American
  • Be or remain inflexible or firmly resolved.

    • ‘Which is perhaps why she has the discipline to hang tough, befriend the enemy and leave revenge to the future.’
    • ‘She needs Dad to hang tough and to say, I'm looking for you, Jessie.’
    • ‘And when they were challenged in early April, they hung tough.’
    • ‘He buys ad space in newspapers to press his case, but the committee is hanging tough.’
    • ‘We hung tough to the very end, but it just wasn't enough.’
    • ‘Many riders stopped due to the conditions, but my teammates all hung tough.’
    • ‘Simply put, we do have to hang tough and be very steady.’
    • ‘But otherwise, you know, she hung tough and he wasn't able to really break her down.’
    • ‘As things get worse, we all know his instinct will be to brazen it out and hang tough.’
    • ‘I'm lucky to have a wonderful wife who hates that we are apart right now but is hanging tough.’