Definition of hang time in English:

hang time


American Football
  • The number of seconds during which a punted ball is in the air.

    • ‘He's hitting most of his kickoffs inside the 5 with good hang time, and his punts have been deep and angled well between the numbers and sideline.’
    • ‘Even with ideal hang time of 4.5 seconds or more on punts, you can't count on your gunners getting to Hall by the time the ball gets to him because the Chiefs often double-team the gunners.’
    • ‘‘It's like skydiving,’ says David of the four seconds of hang time, ‘except without the parachute.’’
    • ‘He also excels at getting off his kicks in a hurry, achieving desirable hang time, placing the ball inside the opponent's 20-yard line and directional kicking.’
    • ‘Jackie dropped back to receive a punt, but the ball had good hang time and he chose to let it bounce.’