Definition of hang out in US English:

hang out

phrasal verb

  • 1(of laundry) hang from a clothesline to dry.

    • ‘They all provide shade, permit natural ventilation, and conceal air conditioning and washing hung out to dry.’
    • ‘It was believed to have been started by an overheated stovepipe igniting some clothes that were hanging out to dry in an upper room in the attic.’
    • ‘If people had their clothes hung out they would get steeped in the pervading smell of whatever was for dinner.’
    • ‘Clean clothes were hanging out on washing lines in the gardens of houses.’
    • ‘Figures dozed on the dirty floor as clothes hung out to dry.’
    • ‘There are little balconies all along the houses with clothes hanging out to dry - it's mad to see that people are actually living there.’
    • ‘I caught glimpses of the atriums those passageways opened onto, often with gardens, maybe statues, washing hanging out to dry.’
    • ‘My apartment is a mess, I'm a mess, all my clothes are wet and hung out to dry and it's been drizzling steadily all day.’
    • ‘Acid smuts had damaged clothing hung out to dry in his garden and the paintwork of the plaintiff's car parked in the highway.’
    • ‘Clothes were hanging out to dry on the homely wires strung across the higher parts of the alley.’
  • 2(of a shirttail or other piece of clothing) protrude and hang loosely downward.

    ‘with the front tucked in and the tail hanging out’
    • ‘We thought it was funny as well, the way he stood there with his tongue hanging out like an idiot, crackling away.’
    • ‘His bright yellow t-shirt stuck to his frame with sweat and was hanging out over his fading jeans.’
    • ‘He stood there, shirt hanging out, one hand holding a fag, the other sweeping the air as he described the fall of each wicket.’
    • ‘He wore a light grey shirt, loosely hanging out and a pair of dark denim jeans.’
    • ‘Clothes were everywhere, the dressers were half opened with clothes hanging out.’
    • ‘One day, it got stuck to my back and was hanging out the top of my pants.’
    stick out, jut, jut out, poke out, project, stand out, come through, peek, poke, stick up, hang out, loom, loom out, extend, obtrude
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  • 3informal Spend time relaxing or enjoying oneself.

    ‘musicians hang out with their own kind’
    • ‘I went and hung out in an internet café until I could stand without wobbling.’
    • ‘Most of the journalists spend the day hanging out by the pool, in the airport central courtyard.’
    • ‘We did class projects together in Spanish and even hung out after school every now and then.’
    • ‘We're going spend two days just relaxing and hanging out in quiet and privacy.’
    • ‘Just a short time ago your teen's biggest concern might have been hanging out with her friends and wondering what clothes to wear.’
    • ‘She makes me laugh and I really enjoy hanging out with her.’
    • ‘With the Easter holidays just underway, school children are looking forward to two weeks of late morning lie-ins and afternoons spent hanging out with their friends.’
    • ‘Then again, what you really should be doing is hanging out outside and enjoying the weather.’
    • ‘The rest of the day flew by, as the four of us just hung out, talked, relaxed.’
    • ‘You live in a mansion, dress in the most expensive clothes, and hang out with the most popular people.’
    associate, mix, go around, keep company, spend time, mingle, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub shoulders
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