Definition of hang around in English:

hang around

phrasal verb

  • 1Loiter; wait around.

    ‘undercover officers spent most of their time hanging around bars’
    • ‘Reporters hung about the docks, waiting for released convicts to land.’
    • ‘Should more be done to stop teenage gangs hanging around the streets?’
    • ‘We hung around at the beach, in local parks, and at each other's houses.’
    • ‘So you don't believe in hanging around waiting for something big to come your way?’
    • ‘Some bored looking folks were hanging about as if waiting for a protest to happen.’
    • ‘There's no way I'm going to hang around waiting for them to sober up and stagger off.’
    • ‘I hang around outside the door waiting for Paul until a security guard drives up to check on me.’
    • ‘You cannot just expect a barrister to hang around waiting for you if you do not sort out your problems with your solicitor.’
    • ‘The kids were just hanging around waiting for something to happen.’
    • ‘I hang around, waiting for other parents or teachers to clear up the story for me.’
    • ‘He hung around the locked gates trying to beg a taxi fare home.’
    • ‘A group of teens were hanging around on a low stone wall.’
    • ‘She would then have to hang about waiting for me in the library until I was ready to go.’
    loiter in, linger in, wait around in, spend time in, loaf, loaf about in, loaf around in, lounge, lounge about in, lounge around in
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  • 2Associate with (someone)

    ‘he never hangs around with that gang’
    • ‘Jack loves hanging around with all these millionaires, because it makes him feel important.’
    • ‘This will show your date that you are active and fun to hang around with.’
    • ‘People tend to dress to suit the people they want to hang around with.’
    • ‘Everyone at school had a group to hang around with.’
    • ‘We're very pleased the police caught somebody and the fact that he went to court will make an example of him to the people he hangs around with.’
    • ‘Also, look around and decide if these are the kind of people you want to hang around with since they seem to be taking away your self confidence.’
    • ‘She's been very canny about who she's been hanging around with and where she's been over the past few months.’
    • ‘Maybe he just liked hanging around with all the important people.’
    • ‘Trying to place her face, I asked her who she hung around with in school.’
    • ‘The guy hangs around with very shady characters everywhere he goes.’
    associate, mix, go around, keep company, spend time, mingle, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub shoulders
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