Definition of hang up in US English:

hang up

phrasal verb

  • 1Hang from a hook, hanger, etc.

    ‘his good shirt's ironed and hanging up’
    • ‘Your jacket is hanging up on my bedroom door by the way!’
    • ‘A few hours later the dress clothes were hung up and they were lying happily in each others arms.’
    • ‘The jacket is hanging up on the coat rack - if I can discreetly snap a picture of it, I'll post it up.’
    • ‘It's only 2pm now and my standard-issue jacket is already hanging up for the day on the hook in the bedsit.’
    • ‘Her favorite dress was hanging up perfectly pressed ready for her to put on.’
    • ‘I found that there were already 3 bras hanging up on a peg.’
  • 2End a telephone conversation by cutting the connection.

    • ‘So I told him to hang up and let us restart the conversation and give me an opportunity to give the required responses.’
    • ‘She thought to leave him a message explaining her position but when the opportunity presented itself she just hung up.’
    • ‘She quickly excused herself from her conversation, hanging up a moment later.’
    • ‘He hangs up, and moments later answers a call from his wife.’
    • ‘Leon hung up and remained still a moment, inside the booth.’
    • ‘The phone rang and she answered it, holding a short conversation in Spanish before hanging up.’
    • ‘Derek claims staff were told to terminate telephone calls from him and hang up when he tried to contact them.’
    • ‘Presently, she hung up and shifted her gaze back to the blonde girl on the other side of the desk, trying to frame words that would break the impasse.’
    • ‘I don't want to have to hang up in the middle of a great conversation with my best friend.’
    • ‘The technician asks the person to carry out a simple test using the dialling buttons on their telephone and then hang up.’
    1. 2.1hang up on End a telephone conversation with (someone) by abruptly cutting the connection.
      • ‘That's how the conversation ends; I just hang up on him as if our conversation held no importance to me.’
      • ‘This crazy old lady started calling constantly because I dared have an opinion and then I kept hanging up on her, but after about seven or eight calls, she gave up for the night.’
      • ‘I hang up on my wildly ecstatic literary agent rather abruptly and retrieve my morning paper from the coffee table before me.’
      • ‘I am not here to take abuse from you, and if you continue to do so, I will not hesitate in hanging up on you.’
      • ‘He told me at one point that he was mad at me for hanging up on him; I told him that I had repeatedly said I was too busy to talk and hung up again.’
      • ‘I studiously avoid poll takers waiting to ambush me at train stations and supermarkets, and I hang up on telephone surveys.’
      • ‘I ask her to at least tell me why she's mad at me and she says, ‘I'm sorry, I can't,’ and hangs up on me.’
      • ‘After hanging up on her I walked from my hotel room to the main street in the small town in New Hampshire where we were filming and recast Kirsten's role with the first girl that I saw on the street.’
      • ‘It's pretty hard getting a good read on the public's opinion when people keep hanging up on you.’
      • ‘If she hadn't already been mad at me over our phone conversation, hanging up on her had certainly done the trick.’