Definition of hang-up in US English:



  • An emotional problem or inhibition.

    ‘people with hang-ups about their age’
    • ‘Can men and women interact on the basis of mutuality, free of hang-ups about whose writ is to run, about prior empowerment?’
    • ‘The idea of the ‘noble savage’, free of hang-ups and in close touch with nature, has surfaced repeatedly.’
    • ‘She also launches a blistering attack on Ally, claiming the TV lawyer's emotional hang-ups paint a poor picture of career women.’
    • ‘Abstinence allows the cravings to subside and the mind to clear, leaving the individual free to deal with emotional hang-ups.’
    • ‘Then again, I guess if I were one of the last folks on earth I'd be having a few emotional hang-ups myself.’
    • ‘I also suffer from the narcissistic delusion that my hang-ups are so uniquely complex that no therapist could possibly know how to deal with me.’
    • ‘Height seems to be more of a grown-up hang-up than a kid hang-up.’
    • ‘He has no hang-ups in bringing a free gospel of grace to all men saying he has no pleasure in the judgment that comes upon sinners.’
    • ‘He views his task with Metallica as ‘stripping away’ their neuroses and hang-ups, thereby allowing them to work in a more peaceable and fruitful way.’
    • ‘I'm glad he spoke to me about it, because I thought I may be taking my hang-up about weight on her.’
    • ‘Then, putting aside his own emotional hang-ups, he rang the bell and started the contest.’
    • ‘In one way, enlightenment can be understood very simply as a release from certain obsessions and hang-ups.’
    • ‘Since these natives are so uninhibited and unrepressed, they will not likely have many psychological hang-ups.’
    • ‘In saying this, I am fully aware that it is my own hang-up and I take full responsibility for my emotional reaction.’
    • ‘This explores Andersen's character, in particular his psycho-logical and sexual hang-ups, as referenced by condensed episodes from his stories.’
    • ‘It can be quite emotional and a lot of people have a lot of hang-ups so I think I found it easier as an outsider.’
    • ‘That means you must let go of guilt, self-consciousness, judgments and personal hang-ups.’
    • ‘It may serve only to distinguish those with relatively powerful hang-ups from those with hang-ups that they manage often to defeat.’
    • ‘All the neuroses and hang-ups, desperation and conceit I can do without.’
    • ‘Maybe they have fascinatingly complex emotional hang-ups just waiting to be mined by pop psychology - and maybe it's none of our business.’
    neurosis, preoccupation, fixation, obsession, phobia, mania
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