Definition of handwritten in US English:



  • Written with a pen, pencil, or other handheld implement.

    ‘the CV should be typed, not handwritten’
    ‘a handwritten note’
    • ‘The handwritten account of his trial runs to just two pages.’
    • ‘You wrote a short handwritten note, which explained to me how, where and when to deliver the feedback to the external examiner.’
    • ‘For each song George provides a brief insight into his inspiration and shares his original, handwritten lyrics.’
    • ‘The den is where the music legend practiced and kept a handwritten log of his recordings.’
    • ‘Within hours, the walls were draped in art paper bearing handwritten tributes to Gavin.’
    • ‘The universal electronic signature will have the effect of a handwritten signature towards everyone.’
    • ‘The letter, which was handwritten and had no return address, was sent to an FBI lab in Miami for testing.’
    • ‘She too had spotted a handwritten advert of Tann's in June 2001, and had met him with her two children, Ms Laws said.’
    • ‘All articles should be neatly typed; we cannot accept handwritten contributions.’
    • ‘Honey climbed to the stage, clutching her handwritten speech and trembling all over.’
    • ‘The most he could do was provide us with a handwritten note that vouched for our honorable intentions.’
    • ‘The public is invited to watch works-in-progress and submit handwritten comments.’
    • ‘There was also a small handwritten paper extolling the value of purdah - wearing the veil.’
    • ‘I wrote him a handwritten note asking if he would be interested in working with me.’
    • ‘The handwritten message is scanned and sent to the destination and the letter is delivered just as a telegram.’
    • ‘Particularly memorable was a handwritten letter of Nehru's that I came across.’
    • ‘They raided the safe for cash and left two handwritten notes.’
    • ‘He had a stack of record cards that explained his work and at the bottom of each card a handwritten link to another card.’
    • ‘There were the original handwritten entries at the time events happened.’
    • ‘Isn't the legal strength of a petition based on handwritten signatures?’
    • ‘Write a few handwritten words in blue ink or on a stick-on note on the front page of the newsletter.’
    • ‘I wrote to the address given and received a very polite handwritten letter in reply.’
    • ‘After school, with a few friends, he brought out a handwritten magazine titled Bharati.’