Definition of handstand in US English:



  • An act of balancing on one's hands with one's feet in the air or against a wall.

    • ‘These range from the not-so-simple cartwheels and handstands, to the sinew-stretching Pyramid Formations and Basket Tosses.’
    • ‘You are astonished to discover the man can do cartwheels, handstands and back flips.’
    • ‘They are doing handstands, cartwheels and back flips in San Diego for a team that was 1-15 last season.’
    • ‘Chen, who is now playing elder sister to many of her younger classmates, has already accustomed herself to the endless backward somersaults, handstands and horse vaults.’
    • ‘When you see physical strength and ability like that, it's really inspiring - it makes me want to do handstands and backflips.’
    • ‘They spin on their heads, do back flips, handstands and capoiera moves.’
    • ‘Well I was fairly reserved; my mum was super excited and I was internally, so it wasn't like I was jumping around doing handstands or using the trampoline or anything like that.’
    • ‘I've been a gymnast since I can remember and I've been doing random handstands since before I was a gymnast.’
    • ‘She did everything, but on one of the handstands she was short and they devalued it.’
    • ‘One of the instructors then broke into a flurry of breaking moves that included vault-like leg swinging and inverted human pretzel handstands to make a gymnast blush.’
    • ‘We see one monk do a handstand balanced solely on his index fingers.’
    • ‘He feels like he is caught in a permanent handstand, feet to the heavens, hands to the earth, swinging free.’
    • ‘This action is key for pushing movements in the shot put, the press-up to a handstand in gymnastics, pushing in football and the final push-off to clear the bar in the pole vault.’
    • ‘Considering the twins were already doing handstands and backflips while blindfolded on the top of a revolving 16-metre high wheel of death, it's difficult to imagine how the Russians might have gone one better.’
    • ‘I tell my gymnast daughter not to do handstands on the settee, while remembering the times I did just that.’
    • ‘After a year attending classes at the Montreal circus school, Corinne was doing wheelies on a unicycle and holding handstands.’
    • ‘I had discovered that I could kick up without fear, and I loved the feeling of flying up against the wall into a handstand.’
    • ‘She had to do cartwheels and handstands, but was perfect.’
    • ‘Ikeda, who won the gold medal on balance beam at the 1954 World Gymnastics Championships, amazed the audience by performing a handstand after mounting the podium to accept her award.’
    • ‘On bars, I have to make sure the handstands are perfect.’