Definition of handling in US English:



  • 1The act of taking or holding something in the hands.

    • ‘Who knows how long these products have gone without refrigeration or without proper handling?’
    • ‘Computer generated text requires limited physical contact in the same way that washing machines provide clean clothes with minimal manual handling.’
    • ‘Drug integrity is maintained by following label and veterinarian instructions for proper handling, storage, and observation of expiration date.’
    • ‘Product labels provide information on safe handling and application.’
    • ‘Indirect food additives are those introduced into a food in trace amounts in the course of packaging, storage, or other handling.’
    • ‘And, because I had engineered his abduction, participated in the handling of his person and drove the car, I was the arch villain of his ruined day.’
    • ‘Neil meets some pigeons at the banding station - all of whom never get harmed by hawks during banding due to protective leather jackets and expert handling by hawk banders.’
    • ‘And depleted uranium seemed harmless in routine handling - until several Italian soldiers who served in the Balkans died of leukemia.’
    1. 1.1 The packaging and labeling of something to be shipped.
      • ‘Because it is shipped locally, fuel requirements for handling and transportation are minimized.’
      • ‘Post-processing handling and packaging procedures must avoid post-pasteurisation contamination.’
      • ‘If you have a shipping box and an account with a service, your hotel may accommodate your packages without the handling fees tacked on at the convention center.’
      • ‘The remote is a free upgrade, but shipping and handling is not covered.’
      • ‘You also have to pay shipping and handling charges on top of the purchase price.’
      • ‘Mailers rarely pay for special handling, so these live animals are shipped among tons of other packages.’
      • ‘Safe handling of packages is also assured through employee background checks and security training.’
      • ‘UPS offers special handling for packages that customers identify as requiring a high level of security.’
      • ‘Although the local companies are still mostly involved in the handling of documents or packages, some serve international markets.’
      • ‘Also, the product may be breaking down with age or it may have had rough or unusual handling in shipping.’
      • ‘UPS does not provide special handling for such packages.’
      • ‘Lengths vary with application and convenience of handling and shipping.’
      • ‘When you customized your cabinets you may get charged for shipping, handling and installation.’
      • ‘The charges for labelling will be 0.50 per label and a handling charge of 5 per order.’