Definition of handclasp in US English:



  • An act of clasping someone else's hand; a handshake.

    • ‘She remembered everything past the ceremonial handclasp as a blur of color and light.’
    • ‘There is another couple walking down the street, this one pre-consumerist, their handclasp signifying a ‘right of ownership’ in which she is ‘silently, sadly, complicit.’’
    • ‘He offers a handclasp that Fiedler can scarcely feel: ‘I stood there baffled, a little ashamed of how I had braced myself involuntarily for a bone-crushing grip, how I must have yearned for some wordless preliminary test of strength.’’
    • ‘Then the hugging begins, not pro forma handclasps but close, sustained embraces.’
    • ‘Dense guitars, keyboards, and occasional handclasps and miscellaneous noise add to the controlled maelstrom.’
    • ‘Haley promised, and the two parted with a handclasp.’
    • ‘Instead of the classic English handshake at the end of matches, players opted instead for the ‘bro, you wuz good out there’ upright handclasp more usually seen on the streets of Harlem.’
    • ‘A number of politically embarrassing photographs were taken, among them, the above handclasp between tyrannical despot Robert Mugabe, and British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw.’