Definition of handclap in English:



  • A clap of the hands.

    ‘the switch is sensitive enough to be activated by a handclap’
    • ‘The dizzying array of instrumentation, including handclaps, accordions, strings, and horns, faithfully captures the quirky energy of their live shows.’
    • ‘The vocals are supported by guitar, violin and keyboard and, of course, the occasional handclaps, providing an up-beat, cheery backing to the shopping of Argos customers (who pass by with looks of bemusement).’
    • ‘And it can be laughable as well, as with this mish-mash of funk, '80s electro-pop and rock, with the occasional idiot burst of horns, programmed handclaps and dumb-guy backing vocals.’
    • ‘Apologising for having to re-start Tomorrow, I'll Be Home Today because of an out of tune guitar, he began again as the crowd accompanied him with a sea of handclaps.’
    • ‘Plus there are some seriously cheesy synth lines and fake handclaps etc that would make Lil Jon run from the room in embarrassment (maybe shouting something unintelligible as he did).’
    • ‘Snares turn into handclaps, drums fall in and out of the mix, the beat sounds like it's running backwards - to which Jackson responds by singing wordless falsetto over the top.’
    • ‘The single Time of My Life encapsulates their bluff blokeyness: handclaps, chants and a thank you to their mate Mr Budweiser.’
    • ‘Over tablas, handclaps, stick percussion, and a bass part that slams on three beats and then pauses for breath, a nodding organ alternating with a pinched little keyboard on the vaguely Middle Eastern preset plays the same couple of notes.’
    • ‘Relentless guitar riffs, cries of vintage keys, theremin psychedelia, eager handclaps, fleeting horns and funky breakdowns build a wall of serious rock action fit for singer Cato Thomassen's unhinged vocals.’
    • ‘It also offers much more: Kraftwerk-ian synthbass lines, echo to spare, handclaps that could cause hurricanes, and some of the most wonderful space symphonies every created.’
    • ‘Sure, there's a pretty popish synth line that could be easily translated into a mid-60's glock part, and there're handclaps, but the damn verse is one bar of four, one bar of three, one bar of four and repeat.’
    • ‘With handclaps and tambourines galore this album captures a ‘70s rock sound; and heck, I'm a sucker for a good ol’ rock song.’
    • ‘The sixth track features very spare handclaps and single, fingerpicked guitar tones in what seems like a take on traditional Japanese court music.’
    • ‘Approximately 20 guys, from young teenagers to 30-somethings take turns working out their uprocks, flares and headspins to yelps and handclaps of support.’
    • ‘Castanet-like handclaps trigger long, guttural sax lines; electronics fly across the speakers and give way to free-blasting; and odd, pogo-dancing themes over bumpy drumming sound like punk interpretations of Parisian cafe music.’
    • ‘Organized but unforgiving slabs of frantic bass and speedfreak drums are topped with distorted vocals, occasionally giving way for handclaps, vocoder voices and electro intros.’
    • ‘Room on the Third Floor is a delicious blend of fantasy and reality: classic pop storytelling, with some brilliant handclaps.’
    • ‘So what this song really reminds me of is Radiohead's ‘We Suck Young Blood,’ and of course the reason for that is the handclaps.’
    • ‘The handclaps that begin the song intimate a playfulness throughout, and a funky guitar and fuzzy keys sew together seemingly independent jams.’
    • ‘The San Francisco band's third album doesn't match its predecessor, The Last Match, but fans will surely appreciate Linton and her bells, horns and handclaps.’
    round of applause, clap, ovation, standing ovation
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