Definition of handbill in US English:



  • A small printed advertisement or other notice distributed by hand.

    • ‘The article states that permission will be required for businesses and others to use amplification, distribute pamphlets and place handbills on vehicles - although apparently election material will be exempted.’
    • ‘The camper says that landowners who need eight hundred hands print up thousands of handbills and thousands of workers show up.’
    • ‘It was also being put on posters and handbills for distribution in Iraq.’
    • ‘For one performance, because I felt the audience might not be familiar with what I was doing, I decided to hand out a handbill that cited my sources.’
    • ‘Instead, the parties relied more on printed material, including pamphlets, handbills and posters.’
    • ‘The poem was circulated on handbills and printed in newspapers.’
    • ‘I was also taken to Calgary and distributed other handbills to homeless people I met on the street.’
    • ‘He soon found that distributing handbills was illegal, so he printed handbills with an advertisement for the sub expo on one side and a protest against the city's refusal to allow him to moor the sub where he pleased on the other.’
    • ‘Campaign handbills and petitions appealed to people's wartime sense of patriotism, democracy, and fairness.’
    • ‘Near the ground, Glennon came across a wad of handbills advertising the game.’
    • ‘There was no lack of supporting newspapers, handbills, circulars, and posters.’
    • ‘From its origins in colonial handbills, signboards, and newspaper announcements, American advertising by the late twentieth century had grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.’
    • ‘There, the Supreme Court, rather off-handedly, allowed the state to ban the distribution of commercial handbills in the absence of a showing of any harm to any consumers.’
    • ‘In cooperation with the Revenue Department, it has made arrangements for on-the-spot issue of necessary documents to claim compensation, and handbills have been distributed extensively.’
    • ‘He also helps design posters and handbills to support his recorded messages.’
    • ‘Refreshments were on sale at the miller's house, together with pamphlets and handbills telling the story of his life and quoting his poems.’
    • ‘On the Saturday morning a bill was posted in the Court House, at the police station and a handbill distributed around the town.’
    • ‘The marchers distributed handbills to onlookers, pedestrians, commuters and motorists inviting them to the crusade at sites nearest to their homes.’
    • ‘Caleb himself is the celebrated subject of a handbill, authored and distributed by Gines under the auspices of Falkland, that pursues him in his peripatetic evasion of persecution.’
    • ‘This impression might have circulated as a handbill.’
    notice, advertisement, flyer, leaflet, circular, handout, bulletin, pamphlet, brochure
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