Definition of hand tool in US English:

hand tool


  • A tool held in the hand and operated without electricity or other power.

    • ‘Punches were used to stamp the fixed symbols such as notes and clefs on to a pewter plate, while the engraver continued to cut in the flexible signs, such as phrasing and note stems, with a hand tool.’
    • ‘If you have to use glass squares, then you can do this by using a glass cutting wheel hand tool to make the scores.’
    • ‘This is neither a drill nor any other type of rotary hand tool.’
    • ‘Hardware stores everywhere sell something called an edger - the hand tool you'll need if you want the kind of rounded edges you can see on sidewalks.’
    • ‘Rural Shias are illiterate, and they are peasants, and they use primitive tools, hand tools to till the land.’
    • ‘Red Cross centres are also running low on supplies, with shortages of water tanks, pumps, hoses, chainsaws and hand tools.’
    • ‘But a comparably high level of shock can be produced just by tapping with a hand tool such as a screwdriver, by knocking two drives together, or forcing a drive into its slot.’
    • ‘Once the floor is initially screeded (usually with a truss screed), the first hand tool in the superflat process is the saw beam (straightedge with handles).’
    • ‘Use the end of a hand tool or a stick to tamp the soil until firm.’
    • ‘Why struggle even for a moment with a piece of machinery when a non-polluting hand tool, which damages the soil structure far less than even the lightest tiller, will do?’
    • ‘The rescue team can use hand tools ranging from socket sets to screw drivers.’
    • ‘She said inside the blue Astra van, was a number of tools, including assorted paint brushes, scrapers, paint, tool belt with hand tools, masonry drill bits and tool box containing electrical test equipment.’
    • ‘The stripper is simply a small hand tool that resembles a pair of cutting pliers.’
    • ‘They carried a single hand tool - a small pointed trowel, about 3x8‘; it was so flimsy that it needed to be replaced every few days.’’
    • ‘He wants to build on the traditional goods but also add exports from India of sports goods, electrical fixtures, hand tools, car parts and others.’
    • ‘Two drills and other hand tools were taken from a white transit van parked in Layer Road, Abberton.’
    • ‘Then, digging reluctantly into my pocket, I acquired an onion hoe - a hand tool with a half-moon shaped blade set vertically on the end.’
    • ‘Mr. Kalam and another colleague scraped the payload with a small hand tool until it mated with the rocket.’
    • ‘The Power Tool Drag Races are an annual series of attractions in San Francisco - machinists and hippies building drag racers powered by various hand tools and then racing them for fame, glory, and small cash prizes.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, Leatherman marketed a multifunction hand tool called the Pocket Survival Tool.’