Definition of hand something around in US English:

hand something around

phrasal verb

  • Offer something to each of a number of people in turn.

    ‘a big box of chocolates was handed around’
    • ‘Traditional sweets were handed round after the deal, as the convicted men and the relatives of their victims embraced each other.’
    • ‘The sales just look low because we believe in handing books around.’
    • ‘I did not buy a copy, indeed I did not know anyone who did, but it was handed around among my friends as something of a joke.’
    • ‘Once home, they placed it in a basket which they handed round with the port after dinner so that guests could pay their respects.’
    • ‘The petition process involves multiple steps with various twists, and the petition cases are handed around among various departments in a way that is incomprehensible to ordinary people.’
    • ‘Various products were handed round for all to try, smell etc., and many went home with very smooth hands from the sampling!’
    • ‘They are printing off the stories and handing them around to keep people informed over there.’
    • ‘About lunchtime there was more eating and chat and a few smoky barbecues lit up and bangers and burgers were handed around.’
    • ‘Many a time you and Fraser mixed your dough and made your shapes to put in the oven and then handed them round for tasting, proud as punch.’
    • ‘Or you could buy a box of Beecham's Pills, and hand them round.’
    distribute, hand round, give out, give round, pass out, pass round, share out, dole out, dish out, deal out, mete out, issue, circulate, dispense
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