Definition of hand someone/something over in US English:

hand someone/something over

phrasal verb

  • Give someone or something, or the responsibility for someone or something, to someone else.

    ‘hand the matter over to the police’
    • ‘‘After the children were handed over to foster parents, I was only allowed to see them in the presence of social workers,’ said Sheila.’
    • ‘Should police locate where Joanna is, one of the powers open to them is to enforce a Police Protection Order, which gives them the power to take Joanna into their care before handing her over to her parents or social services.’
    • ‘It used to be that parents would hand their children over and not see them until at least the end of term - or, in some cases, the end of their school careers.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for the MoD said the matter was subject to an internal investigation, but that if it was felt there was a need for a criminal investigation, the matter would be handed over to police.’
    • ‘When a parent hands their children over to the school it is the school's responsibility to look after them.’
    • ‘Forty years ago, a parent usually had to hand an ailing child over to a nurse and be told to come back at visiting time; no wonder the after-effects were a lot more than physical.’
    • ‘Officers said they could not move the car as it was not in a dangerous position, so they handed the matter over to the Borough Council.’
    • ‘He told Scotland on Sunday that Dewar hadn't known about the secret cost increases at the time because responsibility for the project had been handed over to Steel.’
    • ‘When a soldier is found dead the matter is handed over to the civilian police.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, badly needed investment in the Underground is mired in a row over the arrangements under which responsibility for it will be handed over to the GLA.’
    yield, give, give up, pass, grant, entrust, surrender, relinquish, cede, turn over, deliver up, forfeit, sacrifice
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