Definition of hand puppet in US English:

hand puppet


  • A puppet operated by putting one's hand inside it.

    • ‘Sometimes ventriloquist Sherry Lewis and her hand puppet Lamb Chop dropped by which made the show more palatable for me because ventriloquism has always fascinated me, as have impressionists.’
    • ‘A hand puppet called Harold is used to get across the message to the youngest children while older pupils learn about healthy lifestyles and the implications of drug abuse.’
    • ‘A character who looks like he might have stepped out of the commedia dell'arte, wearing a jacket with multihued tufts, wields a primitive hand puppet (Puppeteer).’
    • ‘If you got too successful, Apple competed against you (although sometimes they had a hand puppet called Claris compete against you so they could pretend it wasn't them.)’
    • ‘And there may be some bad news in the announcement that the first release will include a booklet and a Bullwinkle hand puppet.’
    • ‘The budget was so low that the monster was played by Kneale, operating an improvised hand puppet through a blown-up photograph of the Abbey - ironically, a more convincing effect than that achieved in the movie.’
    • ‘What I'm hearing is what sounds like a lawyer speaking, almost as though he were working a hand puppet here.’
    • ‘We were hidden at the back of the schoolyard having just conducted a rather seedy transaction - I had traded my Sesame Street hand puppet for The Osmond's Crazy Horses album.’
    • ‘How do you do that, when a hand puppet represents the antagonist, or to simulate a rocket taking off, the camera pulls away from a desk lamp?’
    • ‘Student Andrew Galbraith, Wabbit's right hand man told the Independent Weekly after the election that he didn't realize that a hand puppet would get so far in the election after sliding into second place by only 228 votes.’
    • ‘One of Conan's regular skits is the hand puppet named Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.’
    • ‘In our recent study, 12 -, 15-and 18-month-olds watched a video of an adult removing a mitten from a pink fuzzy hand puppet, shaking it to ring a bell inside and then putting it back on.’
    • ‘Her baby is a hand puppet, for which she is totally unable to ventriloquize a voice.’
    • ‘I should explain - I got a fighting nun for Christmas, a hand puppet, and now it serves as a handy conversation tool for whenever conversation gets too deep, or too difficult.’
    • ‘Wearing a KFC bucket for a hat and talking through a hand puppet is not the strangest thing anyone's ever done.’
    • ‘Of course, one has to ask whether it is a puppet operated by string or a hand puppet.’
    • ‘A couple of scenes had what looked like a hand puppet dancing on the bottom.’
    • ‘It did take her three goes to get to remove the sinister hand puppet called ‘Mr Starey’ from the storyline, but I accept that she was right now.’
    • ‘The other point that you are ignoring is that the point of the sketch was to show the absurdity of racial or ethnic stereotypes because who would have thought that a rubber hand puppet would be taken so seriously?’
    • ‘There is Mr. Garrison, a closeted educator who teaches the day's lessons with the help of Mr. Hat, his bug eyed hand puppet.’


hand puppet