Definition of hand cream in US English:

hand cream


  • A moisturizing cream for the hands.

    • ‘Take a selection of useful things like face cream and hand cream, throw in some stuff that will never get sold otherwise like your special limited edition hemp bikini-line waxer, package them in a pretty basket, mark-up by 5% and sell on.’
    • ‘The heat will make the hand cream soak in and your hands will feel ultra soft.’
    • ‘After you wash your hands, use hand cream to seal in moisture.’
    • ‘Operating room personnel have been encouraged to minimize their risk of latex allergies by using a specialized hand cream before donning powdered gloves.’
    • ‘My dry skin is controlled with ordinary hand cream.’
    • ‘Yet he has huge and apparently genuine enthusiasm for a small-scale British film, The Martins, co-starring Kathy Burke, made on a budget that would barely cover Diaz's hand cream.’
    • ‘Make sure your hand cream contains water, which temporarily plumps skin.’
    • ‘Irritant contact dermatitis is a nonallergic reaction resulting from sensitivity to soap, hand cream, powder, disinfectants, and temperature and pH extremes.’
    • ‘I was also interested in the contribution from the Minister of Health, who talked about all the different products made from hemp, such as food, rope, soap, oil, and also hand cream.’
    • ‘This passenger was alternating between wildly spritzing hairspray and lubing up with heavily scented hand cream.’
    • ‘I did notice that few visitors used the hand cream that is outside the ward door that helps fight infection.’
    • ‘Every giftshop and tourist trap offers for sale the same dizzying array of olive candy, olive hand cream, olive soda, olive perfume, olive everything.’
    • ‘Her list should include nail files, cotton balls, polish remover, cuticle pushers and nippers, and hand cream for everyone.’
    • ‘Oil stains may include butter, hand cream or lotion.’
    • ‘Next, my hands were smothered in a hand cream then placed in a plastic glove, then inserted into hot mitts.’
    • ‘Even today I have some (out of date) steroid cream somewhere, and I keep a bottle of aloe vera hand cream in my desk drawer ‘just in case’ I need some partial alleviation from the pain.’
    • ‘Each night before he went to bed, he would coat his hands with a heavy-duty hand cream.’
    • ‘It turns out that the hand cream you bought at The Body Shop last year was a controlled substance.’
    • ‘Some people objected to the idea suggested by another reader of using a petrolatum-based hand cream as a lubricant.’
    • ‘Buy rubber gloves a size too big so you can wear a pair of cotton gloves inside, soaked with hand cream to keep your hands moisturised and soft’


hand cream

/ˈhan(d) ˌkrēm//ˈhæn(d) ˌkrim/