Definition of hand-operated in US English:



  • (of a device) operated or controlled by hand, rather than automatically or electronically.

    ‘a hand-operated lever’
    ‘the pots are made with a simple hand-operated potter's wheel’
    • ‘For around 50 years, he worked in lumber camps, struggling with large horses and huge, hand-operated logging tools.’
    • ‘The grand brick building's architect saw fit to include a hand-operated elevator in the plans.’
    • ‘Using a hand-operated hydraulic drive, the surgeon slowly lowers the microelectrode through the guide tube to the target area in the brain.’
    • ‘Using hand-operated desk calculators, approximately 120 man-days were required to obtain a solution.’
    • ‘The Gatling gun featured a circle of ten barrels attached to a rotating shaft turned by a hand-operated crank, which drove the entire device.’
    • ‘The biggest need of the community is low-tech equipment, such as hand-operated sewing machines and sturdy bicycles.’
    • ‘The island has more than 50 residents who use a hand-operated chain ferry installed in 1948.’
    • ‘Apart from the boring machine and hand-operated drilling machine, files were the best tools they had.’
    • ‘In 1881 a factory employing 600 workers was constructed in Belfast, replacing hand-operated methods of production with power-driven machinery.’
    • ‘Close to 4,000 books, mainly poetry, have come out of the hand-operated treadle printing machine of the Writer's Workshop.’
    • ‘The turning mechanism is a simple hand-operated handle on the end of the spigot.’
    • ‘An old hand-operated pump supplied both houses with fresh spring water.’
    • ‘The diving helmet was a return, in a sense, to the inverted bucket, with hand-operated force air pumps providing a continuous air supply to the diver.’
    • ‘The church once had a mechanized reel mower, but it broke, so members went back to a hand-operated one.’
    • ‘The ink is pressed onto the paper through a hand-operated etching press, which applies 10,000 pounds of pressure per inch, forcing the ink deep into the paper.’
    • ‘The hand-operated air raid siren with the early warning equipment is given a twirl for the benefit of the younger generation, with a personal account of school-days during the Second World War.’
    hand, non-automatic
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