Definition of hammertoe in US English:



  • A toe that is bent permanently downward, typically as a result of pressure from footwear.

    ‘corns, heel calluses and hammertoes are common complaints’
    • ‘Lops has been correlated with a risk of ulceration, especially in biomechanically unbalanced feet with secondary bony prominences, such as bunions or hammer toes.’
    • ‘Bunions and bunionettes, hammer toe and neuromas - a painful thickening of a nerve that runs between two toes - were all much more prevalent in women.’
    • ‘The main reason why so many people have problems ranging from bunions to hammer toes is poor choice of shoes and their improper fit.’
    • ‘Neuropathy can also cause deformities such as bunions, hammer toes, and Charcot feet.’
    • ‘Common problems are bunions, hammer toes, corns and pain in the balls of the feet.’