Definition of hammerer in US English:



  • See hammer

    • ‘He was less popular with the manual coin hammerers, who feared he might put them out of work.’
    • ‘We didn't have the stamina of the horde of hammerers who hammered well into the early hours.’
    • ‘And for the hammerers and welders, riveters and panel beaters, shipwrights and stevedores slaving away daily, they can gaze at those portions of the docks turned into yuppie havens and dream of perhaps, one day, moving up and in.’
    • ‘When a so called top sporting team gets absolutely hammered there is always a danger the media will focus on the ‘hammered’ rather than the ‘hammerer’.’
    • ‘They cost the same as hammerers, have the same stats but get a shield and are immune to panic instead of stubborn.’