Definition of hamburger bun in US English:

hamburger bun


  • A flattish soft bread roll, often topped with sesame seeds, designed to be filled with a hamburger.

    • ‘Lunch is usually a heavier meal that may include salted cod in a ‘bake,’ which is fried bread about the size and shape of a hamburger bun.’
    • ‘After a full night of dreaming about performing endlessly repetitive tasks, say, toasting hamburger buns, it only gets worse when you wake up and realize you won't even be getting paid for all that hard work.’
    • ‘Murray was fuming and stormed back into the kitchen, kicking around a few bags of hamburger buns and take-home styrofoam boxes.’
    • ‘Could you pick up some extra hot dog and hamburger buns while you're gone too?’
    • ‘As a change to barbecuing burgers, you can cook sloppy Joes slowly in a saucepan and then pile them on to hamburger buns with the usual excessive accompaniments of pickles, salad, cheese and tomato ketchup.’
    • ‘Last time I checked, most hamburger buns were made with - you guessed it - white flour.’
    • ‘Eyes get big and smiles grow wide when a stony shell yields a glistening gray oyster large enough to fill a hamburger bun.’
    • ‘At 12 o'clock is a plain toasted hamburger bun - perhaps the second most common bread served with southeastern barbeque, after white bread.’
    • ‘Serve as sandwiches on Kaiser rolls or over toasted hamburger buns.’
    • ‘One afternoon, over a lunch of bologna slices on hamburger buns with ketchup, four students told me how journalism was a calling for them.’
    • ‘However, if I were to accept your email at face value, I would imagine that your wife back in the UK would have already worked out that all the hamburger buns at the BBQ were not kosher and has adapted her life to suit the situation as well.’
    • ‘Behind that is a jar of hamburger pickles, and behind that hamburger buns.’
    • ‘AE, for example, suggests consumers try mixing one of its dips into a twice-baked potato or spreading it on their hamburger bun to give the sandwich ‘a fun kick and a different flavor.’’
    • ‘The facility produces all the company's baked goods, from ice cream mix-ins to breads, cookies, brownies, hamburger buns, cinnamon rolls, muffins and other items typically found in a Braum's store.’
    • ‘The Jamaican patty is served wrapped in coco bread, which is like an oversize, slightly sweet hamburger bun.’
    • ‘We took their orders back to the BBQ where Emily and Madison were attempting to not burn the burgers and then began to prepare the hamburger buns for the guys with their choice of fixings.’
    • ‘And the cornmeal on top of the hamburger buns is not put there by hand.’
    • ‘The menu was easy to navigate: Pork and coleslaw, on small, medium, or large ‘trays’; together on a hamburger bun; or in gallon tubs.’
    • ‘It is also in numerous foods where one would not expect to find sugar: hot dogs, Italian-flavored bread crumb mix, ketchup, and hamburger buns, to name a few.’
    • ‘What matters most over there are immediate concerns, like having enough hamburger buns and rolling papers.’