Definition of hambone in US English:



North American
  • An inferior actor or performer, especially one who uses a spurious black accent.

    • ‘Yet Streep stomps on them all like she's Godzilla, delivering one of the great hambone performances of our time.’
    • ‘Beside you, even the handsomest hambone will look like a hobo.’
    • ‘Pity the quality English actors who took double scale to do a movie that they hoped would make them more bankable and even the never-before-seen hambones who got paid in Skittles.’
    • ‘He can't help but make his movies comically comment on themselves, from the college as crazy counterculture turmoil of Animal House to the Stallone as hambone old-fashioned farce in Oscar.’
    • ‘By comparison, the Miami series suffers from hambone David Caruso's showboating - the shameless way he slips into action hero poses, doffing his sunglasses to brush aside a pesky forelock when jumping from a car.’
    • ‘As for the older Hoffman, he seems to be angling for a place in the middle-aged hambone pantheon along with Christopher Walken and Al Pacino.’
    • ‘Cigar-clenching pulp writer Carradine is the obvious directorial alter-ego, but this amounts to little added depth, as hambone Fuller's public persona has always retained a comic-strip element.’
    • ‘Bug-eyed, helium-voiced hambone Chris Tucker got paid $20 million to do this picture (compared to the $3 million he got for its predecessor).’
    • ‘You'll forget the hambone goofy stutter steps and the ‘grab my hand and I'll pull you up the cliff!’ clichés that stud its giant girth.’