Definition of hamadryas baboon in US English:

hamadryas baboon


  • A large Arabian and northeastern African baboon, the male of which has a silvery-gray cape of hair and a naked red face and rump. It was held sacred in ancient Egypt.

    Papio hamadryas, family Cercopithecidae

    Also called sacred baboon
    • ‘Our data set was comprised of eight species: a Platyrrhini, the white-fronted capuchin monkey, two cercopithecoids: the Barbary macaque and the hamadryas baboon, four hominoids and an outgroup sequence.’
    • ‘The ancient Egyptians considered hamadryas baboons to be the sacred attendants of Thoth, the scribe to the gods.’


1930s: modern Latin (see hamadryad).


hamadryas baboon

/ˌhaməˈdrīəs baˌbo͞on/