Definition of ham-handed in US English:



North American
  • Clumsy or bungling; ham-fisted.

    ‘a ham-handed attempt’
    • ‘One of the problems, though, is that when these politicians try to connect with young people, they do it in this very ham-handed way, and they end up looking silly.’
    • ‘Politics is wily, skilled and intelligent, not clumsy and ham-handed.’
    • ‘How many times will we have to muddle through ham-handed attempts to shoehorn users into limited choices with proprietary protocols that will eventually be replaced by common. open ones?’
    • ‘Costner's worst trait as a director, besides his ham-handed use of symbolism like precious china or fluffy white puppies, is a disregard for subtlety.’
    • ‘The danger, of course, is that we alienate the very populations whose cooperation we need through ham-handed prosecutions that leave them afraid to talk to the government at all.’
    • ‘It is clear there are people whose jobs are threatened by this ham-handed completely cynical exercise.’
    • ‘These civil-liberties concerns have been accentuated by the Pentagon's ham-handed efforts to explain the research effort.’
    • ‘The ham-handed handling of the popular mass movements against the corrupt regimes in Bihar and Gujarat resulted in great public anger and dissatisfaction.’
    • ‘The New York Times describes it as ‘a clunky and precious literary exercise… self-important and ham-handed.’’
    • ‘Nor did her husband's ham-handed collaboration, in the crass style of a dad dancing at the school disco, do anything to retrieve the dignity of the situation.’
    • ‘Today, after three years of government efforts, however ham-handed, to strengthen aviation security, some very expensive coverage is starting to be available.’
    • ‘Colleagues were increasingly worried about his judgment and hold on reality, with his ham-handed attempts to dictate to politicians and his acquisitions for acquisition's sake.’
    • ‘Freed of external political pressures, they are far more likely to produce sensible social outcomes than any ham-handed state mandate on affirmative action.’
    • ‘I haven't seen such raw arrogance, such disdain for democratic principle, such ham-handed use of power, since J.R. and Dallas bit the dust.’
    • ‘The ham-handed coup triggered a leadership crisis and widespread protests, as well as lingering bitterness and distrust.’
    • ‘It is true that the ham-handed attempts by the Health Ministry to regulate this sector have now reached stifling bureaucratic proportions.’
    • ‘As a novice, I am nervous that my ham-handed attempts to help Ajan stay upright will injure her, but Mohammed shows me how and Ajan accepts my help with grace.’
    • ‘Western experts have criticised the U.S.'s ham-handed attempts to muzzle the channel, saying it could provide access to a long-overdue two-way street in the global flow of information and opinion.’
    • ‘But a detailed analysis of the report revealed much more ham-handed politicking than historical truth-telling.’
    • ‘Because Katz ‘loses’ the instruction manual, he deploys his powers in a ham-handed and clownish manner.’