Definition of ham-and-egger in English:



  • An ordinary person of little consequence.

    • ‘Fraley and Koppen, two real ham-and-eggers, are cut from the same cloth.’
    • ‘Dan Alexander and Correll Buckhalter are ham-and-eggers who aren't going to run away from defenders.’
    • ‘While it's hard not to view Bon Jovi as a rock ‘n’ roll ham-and-egger whose popularity far exceeds his talent level, a throng that much of the time could best be described as rabid would be quick to disagree.’
    • ‘I would venture to guess the lowly ham-and-egger doing that kind of work is not drawing a lot of press attention and never will.’
    • ‘How was this second-year ham-and-egger out of the University of Michigan going to turn things around for the Pats?’


Originally used in boxing, in the sense an average boxer who earns only enough to pay for his meals.