Definition of haltingly in US English:



  • See halting

    • ‘I strained my ears to listen and we searched them out - there were 4 or 5 Japanese tourists and a small, slight woman who was speaking haltingly in English.’
    • ‘Cigarettes were exchanged, conversations started, first haltingly, than more vividly, in spite of language difficulties.’
    • ‘In all the years I have been passing through that way, past that same office, I have never seen the waiting room filled with people - and so haltingly silent.’
    • ‘It is also caught between the worst of two political systems: a corrupt, crippled and haltingly reactive Russian Federation and carpet-bagging capitalism.’
    • ‘A pattern can now be discerned whereby we are lurching haltingly in the right direction but personally, I would prefer our arrival at a better alternative much earlier than later.’