Definition of halothane in US English:



  • A volatile synthetic organic compound used as a general anesthetic.

    Chemical formula: CF₃CHBrCl

    • ‘We examined the effects of two popular volatile anesthetics, halothane and sevoflurane, on laryngeal C-fiber responsiveness in urethane-anesthetized guinea pigs.’
    • ‘We're getting very close to medical anaesthetics like halothane, though.’
    • ‘They include ether, chloroform and halothane; the ones that commonly cause addiction are ethyl alcohol, propellants in spray cans and petrol.’
    • ‘We have used a coarse-grain model to explore the properties of a model membrane in the presence of the volatile anesthetic halothane by performing extensive molecular dynamics simulations.’
    • ‘With the airway thus controlled nitrous oxide, halothane, and oxygen are given in proper concentrations.’


1950s: blend of halogen and ethane.