Definition of halophilic in US English:



  • See halophile

    • ‘The halophilic diatom C. elkab comprises at least 10% of the fossil flora throughout OD2, and increases toward the OD2 - OD3 boundary in sediments deposited during lake-level decline in the 1930s and early 1940s.’
    • ‘Only the evolutionarily ancient halophilic Archaea, restricted to marginal habitats such as brine ponds, appear to rely extensively on inorganic osmolytes at high concentrations.’
    • ‘These pictures show an immense bloom of a halophilic (‘salt-loving’; dependent on high salt concentrations) archaean species, in a saline pond at a salt works near San Quintin, Baja California Norte, Mexico.’
    • ‘Bacteriorhodopsin is the light-harvesting protein of the purple membrane of the halophilic microorganism Halobacterium halobium.’
    • ‘Photoactive yellow protein is a water-soluble photoreceptor protein responsible for the negative bluelight-induced phototaxis of the halophilic phototropic bacterium, Halorhodospira halophila.’