Definition of halogenate in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective halogenated
  • Introduce one or more halogen atoms into (a compound or molecule), usually in place of hydrogen.

    ‘halogenated hydrocarbons’
    • ‘In conditions similar to those encountered in burning domestic waste, thermolysis of Teflon produces halogenated organic acids, which act as greenhouse gases and may promote global warming.’
    • ‘Methane can also be halogenated by free radical substitution.’
    • ‘Nitromethane, a stabilizer added to many halogenated solvents and aerosol propellants.’
    • ‘Five classes of pesticides were examined in the new study: phosphates, pyrethroids, halogenated hydrocarbons, carbamates, and endocrine disruptors.’
    • ‘The closest things are some other halogenated pyrroles found in some marine bacteria, lending credence to the theory that this is a biogenic material.’