Definition of haloform in US English:



  • A compound derived from methane by substituting three hydrogen atoms for halogen atoms, e.g., chloroform.

    as modifier ‘haloform reaction’
    • ‘Primarily the volatile haloforms such as chloroform, but also dichlorobromomethane, chlorodibromomethane and bromoforme, are suspected of being harmful to health, some even carcinogenic.’
    • ‘Next to chloroform mixed haloforms will be produced if bromide or iodide is present in the water.’
    • ‘Removal of dissolved haloforms generally requires aeration, which also removes substantial quantities of the chlorine.’
    • ‘In a haloform reaction with iodine, bromine, or chlorine, methyl ketones are converted into the corresponding carboxylic acid and haloform.’
    • ‘The production of haloforms in drinking water as a result of the reaction between organic carbon compounds and hypochlorous acid is a serious drinking water quality issue.’


1930s: from halogen, on the pattern of chloroform.