Definition of hallucinant in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See hallucinate

    • ‘He also has incorporated nicotine patches, cannabis and datura leaves, methamphetamine tablets and other prescription drugs and hallucinants.’
    • ‘Even his large-sized landscapes seem to reside on some interior metaphysical plane, their dense foliage and other natural features rendered with a hallucinant palette and fervid brushwork whose effect is by turns sensual and sinister.’
    • ‘Glib journalism of genocide offers instant gratification to jaded viewers needing ever higher casualty figures as fixes or stimulants but should such emotional hallucinants guide foreign policy?’
    • ‘It shows young adults aged 16 to 19 who used any drug or hallucinants in the last year, by region, 1994 and 1996.’
    • ‘I'm just curious… What drugs are hallucinant and which aren't?’