Definition of halitosis in US English:



  • technical term for bad breath
    • ‘Although not mentioned in the report, it's suspected that the drug causes 100 percent of the halitosis in Turkmenistan.’
    • ‘Don't be too concerned if you haven't been invited, probably just means my nearest and dearest can't stand you or your rancid halitosis.’
    • ‘I have to admit he didn't find the halitosis easy to live with.’
    • ‘As I felt unprepared for an even closer look at him, and even less inclined to take in the halitosis and BO that no doubt accompanied his cosmetic unpleasantness, I strenuously endeavoured to decline his invitation.’
    • ‘The bacteria that occur naturally in your mouth react with the oil in the garlic, causing the halitosis or ‘garlic breath’ reaction.’


Late 19th century: from Latin halitus ‘breath’ + -osis.