Definition of halfwittedly in US English:



  • See halfwitted

    • ‘She plays into the media's hands half-wittedly, digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole of despair.’
    • ‘These things, in case you don't know, mince around half-wittedly shouting in horrible cutesy helium-blasted voices, presumably to provide a little comic relief for the more easy-to-please viewer.’
    • ‘In my opinion, and I'm sure you both agree, the position of Councilor is far too important to do half-wittedly.’
    • ‘Business, academic and government systems require more sophisticated versions of the same 5 items, plus two more to prevent users from half-wittedly compromising the system.’
    • ‘Watching me struggle half-wittedly with the coveralls, Fouché began impatiently to help me into them.’