Definition of halfway in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1At or to a point equidistant between two others.

    as adverb ‘he stopped halfway down the passage’
    as adjective ‘she reached the halfway point’
    • ‘Daniel stopped halfway upstairs and looked at her with a pained expression on his face.’
    • ‘This fine pitch is roughly halfway between Headley's Bridge and Knocknagoshel.’
    • ‘By the time we reached the halfway point of the climb, our water supply was gone.’
    • ‘I'm past the halfway mark, it's going to be finished and I am going to get out!’
    • ‘The orienteering course its members were on was at about the halfway point of the race.’
    • ‘The fundraising appeal is ongoing and has almost reached the £100,000 halfway point.’
    • ‘I felt I should no more drop out halfway than a junior officer would have hung back when ordering his troops to go over the top.’
    • ‘The club now boasts 606 members in total with the halfway mark of the 1500 target hovering into view.’
    • ‘It was when we finally reached the halfway point that things began to get more difficult.’
    • ‘When we reached about the halfway point, then the mortar and artillery fire started falling.’
    • ‘At that time of day, of course, the ferry was already almost halfway to Montserrat.’
    • ‘By the time he reached the bottom of the stairs, Chris was already halfway to the door.’
    • ‘It may also make sense to add another crossing pipe halfway uphill of the one that washed out.’
    • ‘It was about when she reached the halfway mark between the store and dumpsters that she heard the low rumble of a souped engine roar.’
    • ‘Imagine Updike's Couples remixed by Brett Easton Ellis and you're halfway home.’
    • ‘After the concert, the storm was so intense my dad had to pull over halfway home.’
    • ‘Keep going with the article, it starts slow but about halfway down starts getting into the real meaning.’
    • ‘He was already halfway across the open-plan lawn, discarding his clothes to reveal an all-over tan.’
    • ‘It would easily take a week, if they had no problems, to climb those mountains and reach a halfway mark.’
    • ‘I wanted to pour my heart out and tell them I was only halfway home.’
    midway, middle, mid, central, centre, intermediate, equidistant between two points
    midway, at the mid point, in the middle, in the centre
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    1. 1.1 In the middle of a period of time.
      as adverb ‘halfway through the night’
      • ‘You are in the middle of a meeting with the boss, or halfway through a lip-smacking meal.’
      • ‘She was about halfway through the class period when she felt a tap on her shoulder.’
      • ‘Abby became DJ for the night, which led to songs being changed halfway.’
      • ‘There are some female stars past the halfway mark in their lives who can still sell out world tours.’
      • ‘I was watching Predator on telly last night, and burst out laughing about halfway through.’
      • ‘Perhaps they just got kind of bored around the halfway mark, and decided to ship.’
      • ‘So anyone can see why my attention was dwindling about halfway through first period.’
      • ‘It took them until halfway through the second period to click back into gear.’
      • ‘Summerbee has been a major factor in the club's surge into the play-off places as the season approaches the halfway mark.’
      • ‘One night halfway through the first year, he woke me up at half two in the morning, stoned and visibly shaken.’
      • ‘We haven't even reached the halfway point in the season yet and you're tipping us for disaster.’
      • ‘I've been to gigs where I wanted the set to go on all night, gigs where I left halfway through the support act.’
      • ‘It drives you insane because, halfway through, you switch to the night shift.’
      • ‘With the top two going up to division one, Acomb are handily placed as the season heads towards the halfway mark.’
      • ‘Ms Beeny is so very annoying that I can usually feel my hackles rising before the programme has even reached the halfway point.’
      • ‘Even when I got home halfway through the night last night I was still on cloud nine.’
      • ‘Try and do this halfway through the revision period, the sleepover can be a mixture of work and fun.’
      • ‘Bob, we have passed the halfway mark of the season with the team leading both championships.’
      • ‘A six-year scheme to highlight historical sites in Burnley has reached its halfway point.’
      middle, centre, midpoint, halfway point, kernel, nub, focal point
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    2. 1.2as adverb To some extent.
      ‘I'm incapable of doing anything even halfway decent’
      • ‘Dressed like a dosser, he shuffles about, teaching Caviezel how to make banal lines sound halfway decent.’
      • ‘Scott had talked him into getting rid of the wristbands so he could look halfway decent for the prom.’
      • ‘With the fairways cut and greens in halfway decent shape, it was bound to happen that good scores would be shot.’
      • ‘These issues should be easy and cheap to find in any comic store with a halfway decent back stock.’
      • ‘So, maybe between them Rimington and Jennings have written a halfway entertaining book.’
      • ‘A couple of halfway decent, if rather weedy, hits would see us within chipping distance, so we went for it.’
      • ‘If I do a search on there to see which weblogs are linking to mine it provides me a halfway decent list.’
      • ‘Everyone knows that the only reason I sound like a halfway decent singer is that I have a great band with me to cover my bad notes.’
      • ‘Restaurants actually started to offer halfway decent veggie food.’
      • ‘At last, a halfway decent British movie after what has so far amounted to a pretty depressing year for UK cinema.’
      • ‘It was a simple weapon, standard issue, but it was steel, with halfway decent heft.’
      • ‘If it had even a halfway decent interface, it would probably be fun to play.’
      • ‘That was back in the days when they awarded prizes to stuff that was halfway entertaining and interesting.’
      • ‘At this point she started to reach for anything to say, but then, she got a halfway decent idea.’
      • ‘At least it's got some halfway decent teachers and good labs and stuff.’
      • ‘It's fine for taking stills, but we found it requires the user to sit very still in front of the cam if you want a halfway decent photo.’
      • ‘That wasn't a bad place to pitch if you really knew how to pitch and had halfway decent control.’
      • ‘He also mentions some halfway decent Manc acts like Roger, Bynatone, Nylon Pylon and Double Grey.’
      • ‘Like any halfway decent hero, Kingstone's looking out for the little guy - sort of.’
      • ‘At best the sound was halfway decent, along the lines of a typical cell phone call.’
      to some degree, to some extent, to a certain degree, to a certain extent, in some measure, rather, relatively, comparatively, moderately, cautiously, somewhat, to a point, up to a point
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