Definition of halfhearted in US English:



  • Without enthusiasm or energy.

    ‘after two years of halfhearted effort, he dropped out of school’
    • ‘My half-hearted attempt to change bank has even left me with a spare bank card, which is going to be bloody handy.’
    • ‘I make a half-hearted attempt to clean my room but end up surfing the internet aimlessly.’
    • ‘Recently I have made half-hearted attempts to discover what became of Norman Lodge.’
    • ‘She attempted a half-hearted smile at the baby, who immediately burst into tears.’
    • ‘The Scotland striker's half-hearted effort was turned round for a corner by Wylie's legs.’
    • ‘We attempted a team cheer, but the effort was half-hearted and just embarrassing.’
    • ‘The police sometimes have a half-hearted approach to enforcing the law.’
    • ‘The attempt by the bureaucrats to save the environment is half-hearted.’
    • ‘Complaints to the ministry have only resulted in half-hearted attempts to solve the problem.’
    • ‘He was in a bad way, so very weak, only the occasional half-hearted flap of his wings.’
    • ‘The half-hearted attempt to clean up with dustpan and brush did little more than reposition them.’
    • ‘‘The Benton bout was a half-hearted attempt on my part to go out on a high,’ he says.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, late night shopping has been half-hearted at best.’
    • ‘The rebels reached the gates through the half-hearted attempts of the enemy to keep them at bay with their arrows.’
    • ‘A half-hearted attempt has been made to plant saplings along the road dividers.’
    • ‘Television shows that he did so albeit in a half-hearted way.’
    • ‘After a half-hearted effort at saving my pocket money, I quickly emptied my account.’
    • ‘It was a half-hearted attempt to draw level and one which referee Colin Hardie rightfully ignored.’
    • ‘There was never a moment of practice that was half-hearted, and he poured every ounce of effort into every performance.’
    • ‘Both of these are half-hearted attempts to solve the mother of all chicken and egg problems.’
    unenthusiastic, lukewarm, cool, apathetic, perfunctory, cursory, superficial, desultory, feeble, faint, weak, tepid
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