Definition of half pint in English:

half pint


  • 1Half of a pint.

    • ‘It was in many ways an arduous social life, standing on one's feet for hours at a time, drinking endless half pints of beer.’
    • ‘My bill was roughly $15 (including a half pint of beer).’
    • ‘Wrapped only in a towel, she walked in her room and just about screamed when she saw Stephanie sitting on her bed with a half pint of chocolate mint cookie ice cream, her favorite.’
    • ‘Paying in just an extra one pound per day, less than the price of a half pint of beer, will save a further 22,456 in interest payments and knock off three years and eight months from the term of the mortgage.’
    • ‘As a concession to health, he then switched to half pints and even refused a Scotch pie from the chuckwagon although temptation was writ large on his face.’
    • ‘In the next house, or maybe it's the ninth, Maxim drinks another half pint of cherry brandy, and things get even more colourful.’
    • ‘Oneida also packages Lactaid in half pints for nursing homes and schools, as well as singleserve creamers for foodservice, under the Hood brand and private labels for restaurants.’
    • ‘Yaqoob said he only drank a few half pints of lager on the afternoon of November 11 and blamed medication he took for diabetes for pushing him over the limit.’
    • ‘I had a half pint of cider which was cheap and not too intense for a Monday night.’
    • ‘Tours, which cost £2.15, run throughout the day - and include the chance to sample a half pint of your favourite tipple.’
    • ‘For many years, groups of runners have gathered in the village to race from pub to pub, drinking a half pint of beer at each.’
    • ‘Promotion included billboards, posters, side-panel advertising on half gallons and half pints and four pre-show balloon launches to spark public interest.’
    • ‘The honeymooners dined in the hotel restaurant where half a bottle of wine cost 5s 6d and two half pints of IPA beer 2s 4d.’
    • ‘A Friday night pub crawl with a half pint in each of those would have left you more than slightly inebriated.’
    • ‘Barmaids used to put up to 100 half pints in pint glasses before the doors opened at 6.30 pm ready to top 'em up and save time as the thirsty throng descended on the bar.’
    • ‘We traipsed down to the Whole for a bottle of wine, a half pint of whipping cream, and some Niçoise olives - a very promising trio.’
    • ‘The bar staff were rushed off their feet getting cokes and half pints for everyone who then turned round and watched Friends on the TV screen over the fruit machines.’
    • ‘One unit of alcohol is the equivalent of a half pint of beer.’
    • ‘I poured a half pint of petrol directly into the carburetor.’
    • ‘I took a lovely walk through St Stephen's Green and then had a half pint of Guinness.’
  • 2informal A small or insignificant person or animal.

    • ‘It's a rich, buttermilk bath bottled by the pint for your half pint.’
    • ‘"You're not very big nor strong, little Half-Pint."’


  • Very small; diminutive.

    • ‘As is the use of famous NASCAR faces to ridicule and rip our half pint hero a new exhaust pipe.’
    • ‘I really don't think anyone could survive it, especially that half pint guardian.’