Definition of half hitch in English:

half hitch


  • A knot formed by passing the end of a rope round its standing part and then through the loop, often used in pairs.

    ‘the rope was tied with two half hitches to a long tape’
    • ‘It was what farmers call two half hitches, and sailors, a clove hitch…’
    • ‘The hackamore did make it easier for Hedge, who rode up and threw a half hitch around his saddle horn.’
    • ‘We put clove hitches on his ankles and wrists, locked the clove hitches down with a half hitch or two on top, then tied these to the chair.’
    • ‘He rode up to the picket pin, picked up the rope without getting off his horse, took two half hitches around his saddle horn, pulled up the pin, rolled up the rope, and put a hackamore on Mr. Gelding.’
    • ‘Fairly soon I tire of standing, looking stupid, so using a drainage channel as a fairlead, I loop the rope round a tree and stick a couple of half hitches in it.’


half hitch

/ˈhaf ˌhiCH//ˈhæf ˌhɪtʃ/