Definition of half dollar in US English:

half dollar


North American
  • A fifty-cent coin.

    ‘a silver half dollar’
    • ‘To which old man replied, as if he had been saying the same thing since our half dollar's conception’
    • ‘Phil Spector showed up in a big black limo and I had to laugh because they give him credit for playing the maracas… when he was playing an empty cognac bottle with an American half dollar, that was his instrument.’
    • ‘He pulled out in front of them so fast that the guy's eyes opened up to the size of half dollars.’
    • ‘Slipping off the backpack, Wiley pulled the hatchet from its side loop and then searched around until she found a couple saplings about as big around as half dollars.’
    • ‘Alec screeched, his gray eyes growing as huge as half dollars.’
    • ‘Then she unraveled the gauze with a dried blood spot which was the size of a half dollar.’
    • ‘The coins were Kennedy half dollars decorated with patriotic images.’
    • ‘Well, I can recall a briefing in Afghanistan in January, when I went on a congressional delegation, and they pointed to a spot on the map no bigger than a half dollar.’
    • ‘His mouth dropped and his dark blue eyes widened to the size of a half dollar.’
    • ‘The coins were Kennedy half dollars decorated with patriotic images, Eastman says.’
    • ‘Quarters and half dollars were being wagered by holiday-making miners.’
    • ‘These pods often grow 7 or 8 inches long, with beans inside as big around as a half dollar.’
    • ‘Honey, I'm sorry, the 1970 uncirculated half dollars have been oxidized.’
    • ‘But what if we take JFK off the half dollar and give it to Martin?’
    • ‘His expression soon turned to disbelief however, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out ten shiny half dollars.’
    • ‘When someone ordered a burger, instead of the usual 8-ounce patty, they received a piece of meat about the size of a half dollar.’
    • ‘They range from the size of a half dollar to a small grapefruit, with colors from yellow to deep orange-red.’
    • ‘Looks like he's already on a dime, or maybe a quarter, or maybe a shiny new half dollar.’
    • ‘She found a lump about the size of a half dollar in her breast while taking a shower.’
    • ‘As a 12-year-old, he rode around the country collecting the quarters and half dollars of men who were saving up to buy a suit on an installment plan.’
    • ‘The 1964 JFK half dollar is another example of such skewed value.’
    • ‘The area is about the size of two half dollars but is right in the front.’
    • ‘Was it McGivem or Topperwain who could put five shots from a revolver into a half dollar size group in 45/100 of a second?’
    • ‘And any crack or hole in the road or sidewalk bigger than a Kennedy half dollar is liable to make the rider go ‘boom.’’
    • ‘Later half dollars contained less, then no silver.’


half dollar