Definition of half crown in US English:

half crown

(also half a crown)


  • A former British coin and monetary unit equal to two shillings and sixpence.

    • ‘Those savings would be made up of the sovereigns, florins, half-crowns, and the smaller silver he received over the years for his smithy work.’
    • ‘I was not consulted about the abolition of the crown, or the half-crown.’
    • ‘Canon McHugh, presented each of us with a half-crown, the equivalent of twenty-five pence in today's currency, which at that time was indeed a princely sum.’
    • ‘A gilded silver twopence might well pass for a gold half-crown to the unwary.’
    • ‘Several decades later, Thornborough gave Whitacre a half-crown in exchange for a grain of rye that was to be doubled in number each week for a year.’


half crown

/ˈˌhaf ˈkroun/