Definition of half-yearly in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • At intervals of six months.

    • ‘In its half-yearly regional update, the World Bank said average growth in the East Asia region will fall to 4.6% in 2001 from 7.3% last year.’
    • ‘I've had a look at the Northern Territory Treasury's half-yearly review of the fiscal situation, and I've uncovered from that, that there's three major policy initiatives since the last budget.’
    • ‘But he had actually paid in half-yearly instalments and handed over the first £660 in May, with the second payment not due until next month.’
    • ‘Shareholders will be paid a full-year dividend of 36 to 40 cents, or a half-yearly dividend of 27 cents.’
    • ‘The Enterprise Strategy Group's recommendations included setting up a steering group that would meet at least four times a year and provide input for a half-yearly Cabinet meeting dedicated to enterprise policy.’
    • ‘I had my last half-yearly evaluation done today and it got me thinking - again.’
    • ‘These bonds have a tenure of five years offering 6.6 per cent returns payable on a half-yearly basis: on October 1 and April 1.’
    • ‘All that the villagers are expected to do is to make a recurring deposit of Rs.10 per month so that they could avail themselves of the benefit of half-yearly compound interest and obtain up to Rs.750 at the end of five years.’
    • ‘The students of Padma Seshadri said their half-yearly exams last year were postponed to facilitate their participation in the talent fair.’
    • ‘Media buyers are pushing for more regular audits, saying the current half-yearly audits are too infrequent.’
    • ‘Many of them were residents who paid by half-yearly instalments, who were told for some reason that their monthly instalments were in arrears.’
    • ‘For many years, these overdrafts were sufficiently low to be paid off as soon as he received his half-yearly salary from Christ Church.’
    • ‘Instead of two yearly examinations, we now have four half-yearly examinations (20 papers plus a dissertation and internal assessment).’
    • ‘A spokesman of the Finance Department said the loan would have an interest rate of 6.35 per cent per annum to be paid half-yearly on January 30 and July 30 each year.’
    • ‘This morning I visited the vampire at the Health Centre to leave a blood sample for my half-yearly tests: cholesterol, blood sugar, PSA and whatever else.’
    • ‘After the first term, new books containing the half-yearly and annual portions would be supplied to the kids.’
    • ‘There is a £10 half-yearly account maintenance charge.’
    • ‘The first half-yearly general meeting of the company was held at its office in King William Street, Adelaide on 27 July 1866.’
    • ‘Interest would be paid half-yearly on January 30 and July 30, each year.’
    • ‘This was part of a half-yearly exercise to assess the level of preparedness of the agencies concerned in meeting an oil spill.’



/ˈhaf ˌyirlē//ˈhæf ˌjɪrli/