Definition of half-sister in US English:


(also half sister)


  • A sister with whom one has only one parent in common.

    • ‘In the case of Adriana, a tourist delivered a letter to her half-sister in Houston, whom she had never met.’
    • ‘I have half-brothers and half-sisters from my parents' previous marriages, and they're all much older than me.’
    • ‘Maria and Erin are my sisters - half-sisters, that is.’
    • ‘It's a little tricky when you're talking about your parents because I have half-sisters and half-brothers.’
    • ‘He sits down with his two half-sisters to talk about their father's funeral, at which they met for the first time, and from which Kahn's wife tried to exclude Kahn's two illegitimate children and their mothers.’
    • ‘The film is about two half-sisters, one of whom has a psychological problem.’
    • ‘And I had great sisters that I grew up with, Tracey and Sandy, who were my half-sisters, but were my sisters growing up.’
    • ‘Flora, who has three half-sisters whom she has also never met, added that she would one day like to meet them too.’
    • ‘Imagine you're the daughter of a modernist painter and writer, and the half-sister of an established music star.’
    • ‘He remarried and I found out I had four half-sisters and five half-brothers and countless aunts and uncles.’
    • ‘True's real-life parents are divorced and she has a younger half-sister.’
    • ‘He was said to be the father of Modred by his half-sister Morgawse; his sister was Anna.’
    • ‘Some time during the war, probably in 1944, they had a child, a daughter; my half-sister.’
    • ‘He had two half-brothers and two half-sisters, all of whom remained on the mainland when his parents left for Hong Kong.’
    • ‘There is a lot of affection and love between the sisters, or half-sisters, and even between the detective and Ryan's character.’
    • ‘He had a sister, Charlotte, 24, a half-sister Catherine, 12, and a half-brother Christopher, nine.’
    • ‘My father remarried some years ago, with Sandrine, and they got another child, a daughter, my half-sister Jeanne.’
    • ‘I have a sister McKenzie, half-sister Kathy, stepsister Heather and stepbrother Bret.’
    • ‘And I didn't have a dollar because my parents never gave my brother, my half-sister and me allowances.’
    • ‘For his letter leaves the impression that the author of Childe Harold had no daughter by his half-sister, Augusta.’



/ˈhaf ˈˌsistər//ˈhæf ˈˌsɪstər/