Definition of half-round in English:



  • Semicircular in cross section.

    • ‘Unlike many of the houses in the district it was not a cob house, but built of pit-sawn half-round timber.’
    • ‘The large top and bottom moldings were of cross-grained wood glued to a softwood core, and the drawer openings were defined by cross-grained half-round moldings glued directly to the case.’
    • ‘The standard half-round, half-octagon 22'' barrel could he lengthened for $1 per extra inch.’
    • ‘The fixed windows can also be ordered in round, half-round, triangular, and many other shapes, and can be paired with operable configurations to give you virtually unlimited design possibilities.’
    • ‘By the mid-seventh century, examples with triangular rim as 4-28 still exist, but, here, alongside cooking pots with an everted, half-round rim, as 4-27, that appear to be the latest in our sequence.’