Definition of half-integer in US English:



  • A number obtained by dividing an odd integer by two (1/2, 11/2, 21/2, etc.).

    • ‘Some for example, had half-integer spins, while others had only integral spins.’
    • ‘The Pauli Exclusion Principle simply states that no two fermions (a family of particles with half-integer spin, which includes electrons) may exist in the same energy state.’
    • ‘Although fermions have half-integer spin, the two together have integer spin, making the Cooper pair a ‘composite boson’.’
    • ‘The spin of bosons takes integer values and fermions have half-integer values of their spin.’
    • ‘Fermions are the particles that exhibit half-integer spin and satisfy the Pauli exclusion principle, while bosons exhibit integer spin and are not limited by the exclusion principle.’