Definition of half-done in US English:



  • Unfinished or only partially completed.

    ‘the job is now half-done’
    ‘she pointed to the half-done piece of sewing’
    • ‘I planned to write a long review of this manga, and it's half-done.’
    • ‘But now is not the time to abandon a job half-done.’
    • ‘"I've got two albums half-done already to follow this up with."’
    • ‘He couldn't leave a job half-done.’
    • ‘This is one of those things that it's better not to have tried at all than leave half-done.’
    • ‘This is just another example of half-done science, sensationalized both by the author of what will surely be a best-selling book, and a man entrusted with depicting science via the media.’
    • ‘We'd started doing the scripts in the morning, and were already half-done.’
    • ‘Poor quality material, half-finished jobs and leaving projects half-done have become a regular practice.’
    • ‘Even when material is eventually taken ashore, the work is only half-done: preservation of timber and other remnants is a lengthy task.’
    • ‘But if you're going to cook the meat in the wok, make sure it's at least half-done before the vegetables get cooked.’