Definition of half-cut in US English:



  • Drunk.

    • ‘While on the subject of inebriation, I am convinced the Metro horoscope writer must have been half-cut when he wrote yesterday's entry for Taurus.’
    • ‘And it's packed with detail, too - crowds of moshing clubbers, roomfuls of half-cut horny partygoers, and more - none of which detracts from the important elements in each panel.’
    • ‘It's a stupid but funny sketch comedy by an English female trio, on way too late, except if you've just come home, half-cut, from the pub.’
    • ‘Hard enough when in sober mind, this was not something we were capable of attempting half-cut, although by gum we certainly tried.’
    • ‘These ‘sandboys’ were paid partly in ale, and were usually half-cut or merry: hence ‘happy’.’
    • ‘Someone makes a heartfelt, tear-jerking appeal on behalf of the charity, and then up pops some sweaty, half-cut minor-league celebrity who's a mate of someone on the committee.’
    • ‘Another soggy 15 minutes later Gary arrived half-cut (he is Irish, of course) and all was made calm.’
    • ‘The four of us found ourselves, half-cut at 1am, lying in the grounds of the Pavilion talking glorious rubbish.’
    • ‘Like, what am I doing, three o'clock in the morning, loading drum gear, half-cut?’
    • ‘Wells claims that he was half-cut when he pitched a perfect game back in 1998.’
    • ‘It's a bad idea to charge in half-baked, ride a motorcycle half-cut, or take hard drugs half-heartedly.’
    • ‘As seems to be becoming the norm for these London Blogmeets, Blue Witch had a nightmare journey in from the sticks and turned up once everyone else was already half-cut.’
    • ‘You know, now that I think about it, I don't believe it was because I was half-cut.’
    • ‘The man was standing on the corner of the road, leaning on crutches and looking decidedly half-cut.’
    • ‘With half the nation half-cut and half the nation sobering up, we decide to be shocked by ourselves.’
    • ‘Anyway, even if it was bucketing it down as usual, could we not be trusted to sit in the house all day boozing and watching footie before lurching off half-cut into the kitchen at midnight to fry some spuds?’
    • ‘What you're listening to is a half-cut helium-voiced midget slurring the tale of the time he and Charles Bukowski drunkenly hijacked a diesel locomotive and drove it from downtown Los Angeles to Pacoima.’
    • ‘Pawky Scottish humour like that won the first run rave reviews but it was over before its audience could grow much beyond a small but loyal band who stumbled across the show coming back late and half-cut from the pub.’
    • ‘Anyway, so I'm walking back up West Street, about as half-cut as it is possible to be from 2 pints of Old Speckled Hen after a hard day at work.’
    • ‘I'm just still in a daze, wandering round the town centre at lunch, like some half-cut junkie, drunk on death.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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