Definition of half-completed in US English:



  • Unfinished or only partly completed.

    ‘a half-completed project beset by years of delays’
    • ‘With the heat going out of the economy, many half-completed deals are being unstitched because their profit forecasts are being downgraded.’
    • ‘An employee of the company, who now has the half-completed questionnaire on his screen, answers the call.’
    • ‘In her studio in the loft at the top of the house, half-completed oil paintings sit alongside crayon masterpieces by her daughter.’
    • ‘A half-completed scaffold had been erected alongside the square tower of the Victorian church.’
    • ‘The self-build scheme at the site in Holgate Road has been halted with the 11 houses only half-completed.’
    • ‘He came to the city alone three years ago but now lives with his family in a shabby, damp basement of a half-completed building.’
    • ‘I often come back into a room to discover a half-completed task.’
    • ‘Every time I move, I throw away a half-completed knitting project.’
    • ‘Many houses along the road are abandoned or half-completed.’
    • ‘Young married couples, often owner-builders, were living in garages or half-completed houses along unmade streets.’
    • ‘He died at the age of 76 with a grandchild on one knee and a half-completed proof on the other.’
    • ‘I used one of my half-completed journals and just started drawing plans into it.’
    • ‘Martin toured the half-completed aquatic centre, part of $42-million expansion to existing facilities.’
    • ‘Our research has shown that when presented with screens that are too full with difficult to follow questions, respondents can simply surf away, leaving a half-completed survey.’
    • ‘With a half-completed script, rehearsals were temporarily halted.’
    • ‘Several lots have been sold, but only one has anything on it: an eerie, half-completed brick house.’
    • ‘The half-completed International Space Station has been described as an unjustifiable "white elephant".’
    • ‘Stained-glass windows radiated amber and azure light, and a half-completed fresco of Mary Magdalene showed ghostly against a plaster wall.’
    • ‘I recently came across a half-completed manuscript of mine, written in 1992, describing how sour markets and nasty politics can interact.’
    • ‘Sunrise over the half-completed annex going up outside the window of his room in Merton is dazzling and beautiful.’
    unfinished, uncompleted, not finished, not completed, half-finished, half-done, partially finished, partially complete, partial, not concluded
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